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Laura Jones for State Representative

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"Low taxes are the result of low spending." -Mel Thomson

Encourage Economic Growth and Job Creation:

I will continue to work to ensure everyone in New Hampshire has excellent employment opportunities by fostering a vibrant business climate through eliminating excessive or unnecessary regulation and encouraging business success.  I will strive to make New Hampshire the best place in America to start and operate a business and will work to eliminate disincentives or barriers to economic growth.

Protect Taxpayers by Reducing Wasteful Spending and Taxes:

I will continue to protect taxpayers by working for government that is operating efficiently, making sure tax dollars are well spent.  I will work for a balanced state budget that uses realistic revenue estimates, is based on sound and transparent accounting practices, and spends no more than we receive.  Whenever possible, I will work to reduce the burden on taxpayers by eliminating wasteful spending.

Preserve Personal Freedoms:

I believe in the NH and US Constitutions and the protections they provide.  I will continue to fight against the overreach of government in the lives of the citizens of New Hampshire.


Impressed by Laura Jones

To the editor:  I do not do this very much, but once in a whileI get someone on the House Commerce and Consumer Affairs committee that truly deserves to be reelected.  Laura Jones representing Wards 4 and 5 of Rochester is one of those people.  As a member of the NH House of Representatives Commerce Committee for over 20 years and either the Chairman or the ranking Republican, I can safely say Laura Jones is one of our hardest working Representatives we have ever had.  She takes the time to read the bills ahead of time and rarely misses a hearing.  This past session she served on more subcommittees than I did and she was able to articulate the committee's position on every bill.  It took me years to get up to speed on all the issues the committee covers from Liquor laws, health insurance to the all-encompassing Consumer Protection law.  The residents of Rochester are well served by Laura Jones and I hope you allow her back to Concord where she can serve you and all the citizens of New Hampshire as well.

Rep. John B. Hunt